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This page is a translated version of the page Aiuto:Caricare una foto and the translation is 100% complete.

As far as pen photographs are concerned, it was also decided to use a scheme for image names that would allow uniformity and make it easier to find them in image galleries that classify the various types of files mentioned on the page Help:Upload_a_file. In particular, for photos of pens we have always used a scheme like this:


where the words are separated by dashes and the description generally relates to the pose of the pen in the photo and should try to stay within the 2 words.

Please also note that the wiki code that you can associate to insert the information in the page of each image (what is asked when you upload in the text field, "File Details") has also been standardized for the various types of images, so as to be consistent, and use a series of templates that allow an automatic generation of content and classifications. For example, if you upload a photo of a pen, you should use something like the following:

|MatDesc_it=a righe marroni
|MatDesc_en=brown striped
|Note_it=Modello con pennino [[Triumph Nib|Triumph]].
|Note_en=[[Triumph Nib]] model. 

where the meaning of the various topics (Brand, Model, etc.) is explained in detail in this page (in particular then some of them, such as Caricamento, Materiale or Licenza can take only some values, explained in the references on the previous page).

If you upload a photo of a repair you should use something like that:

|Description=Very minimal description (like parts of a [[Pelikan 100]])
|Source=Original photo
|Author=The author
A little less minimal description, like: barrel and ''[[binde]]'' of a [[Pelikan 100]].
[[Category:Photo Repair]]

Beyond the above examples, in general the simplest way is to take as an example the content from another page of the same type (accessible by pressing modify) and copy it to its destination adapting its contents.

Remember to fill in the standard fields for the license and the author, the fields of the categories should be already present.