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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1926. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Chilton moves to Long Island and introduces first celluloid models
  • Haro is founded by Hans Roggenbuck in Frömsdorf
  • JiF is founded by Jules Fagard
  • Montegrappa is renamed as Manifattura Pennini Oro e Penne Stilografiche Elmo
  • Pilot open representative offices in Singapore, New York and London
  • Società Anonima Pennini King (The King), that will become SAFIS, is founded in Turin
  • Spors is founded by Frank Spors in Lesueuer Center, Minnesota



  • Patent FR-614071, applied in 1926, by Yves Zuber, Stylomine. Perfectionnement aux porte-mines à alimentation automatique ou non.
  • Patent US-1620529, applied in 1926, by William I. Ferris, Waterman. Fountain pen and stand therefor.
  • Patent FR-617418, applied in 1926, by Yves Zuber, Stylomine. Agrafe de sécurité à ressort pour stylographe, portemine ou tout autre article.
  • Patent US-D071994, applied in 1926, by Robert Back, Glenn A. Cooper, Wahl Eversharp. Design for a combined desk stand and penholder.
  • Patent US-1622316, applied in 1926, by Benjamin W. Hanle, Eagle. Clip for pencils, penholders, and like articles.
  • Patent US-1745483, applied in 1926, by Julius F. Hansen, Wahl Eversharp. Unbreakable writing instrument and method of making same.
  • Patent US-1762103, applied in 1926, by William I. Ferris, Waterman. Fountain pen and stand therefor.
  • Patent GB-302015, applied in 1926, by Paul Kohler, Christian Schaefer, Kosca. Wechselschreibstift.
  • Patent GB-284412, applied in 1926, by Charles Gerald Stephens, Frank Carr Fincham, Stephens. Improvements in or relating to containers for liquid or semiliquid adhesives.
  • Patent US-1648544, applied in 1926, by Marx Finstone, Eclipse. Swivel pen support for desk sets.