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This page is a translated version of the page Calligrafia and the translation is 100% complete.

The etymology of the word, from Greek, stands for beautiful writing, indicates for many an aspiration more than a reality. But natural predisposition aside, calligraphy is also a matter of exercise, application and patience, and even without becoming an artist, anyone with a bit of effort and good directions can get discreet results. We will not pretend here to address a topic for which there are many resources and many specialized sites, but rather to collect, from this page, articles and suggestions aimed at obtaining a "beautiful writing" with the use of a fountain pen, and not only.

At the moment the wiki has quite limited content regarding calligraphy, but a calligraphic glossary is being written; anyone interested in developing this section should not hesitate to use the contact information to gain write access to the site and start contribute. Of particular importance then may be the contributions to our project of "Shared Library, for the retrieval of texts on the subject.