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Filling systems

In reality two completely different filling systems are called hatchet filler, as they were given this name by their respective manufacturers. The first is the one used by Holland from 1908 to 1912. The filling always involved the use of a pressure bar placed at a slit, except that in this case the slit was left open on one side, while on the other side a 'P' shaped lever was placed.

Diagram of a pen with hatchet filler

The lever was hinged on one of its extremes (the stem of the "P") at the end of the slit, and returned with the protruding part inside the body of the pen, on the bottom of the same. For the filling the lever was extracted and tilted of 180°, to be able to go to press on the pressure bar using the protruding part; once brought the lever in position of pressure in substance the mechanism becomes analogous to the crescent filler, with the advantage of not having protruding sections (but with the disadvantage of a certain fragility and mechanical complexity).

The second system is the one used by Crocker around 1910, in this case the bottom itself is anchored to a lever, which raised in a vertical position compresses the sac. To be used the bottom was unscrewed, after which the lever could be operated. Holding it screwed in, the lever was locked in the rest position, thus avoiding accidental pressure.

Both of these systems can be counted among the various attempts to create a bag compression system based on mechanisms that differed from those patented by other manufacturers. Given the relative complexity and the low technical efficiency, both have not had any significant follow-up. Their rarity, however, makes them interesting from a collector's point of view.

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