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The LUS was founded in 1929[1] in Saronno by Umberto Legnani, an experienced mechanical worker, with his wife Giuseppina Carnelli when. fired because of the effects of the recession, he decided to start his own business producing nibs and other stationery. The LUS brand (abbreviation of Legnani Umberto, Saronno) was recorded in 1931.[2] The activity started from the production of steel nibs, but around 1934, at a change of venue, it began production of fountain pens, although the main activity remained the production of nibs and office supplies.

Fountain pens production became a major activity in the postwar period, with the production of both high-end and economic pens. In particular, the company was one of the first, indeed probably the first, to start in 1948 ballpoint pens manufacturing; the 1950 Retracto model is one of the first reversed point. The company also possessed a patent (nº US-2902978) from 1955 (awarded in 1959) for a cartridge with a metal ball inside that would facilitate the ink flow. Having established a good position in the new market, the company had a great success in the following years.

In 1968 with the death of Umberto Legnani, his wife Giuseppina Carnelli took over the management of the company. The company maintained its family-run connotation and Umberto Legnani's children and grandchildren worked there. Giuseppina Carnelli remained at the helm of the company until 2000, when she died at the age of 92.[3]

The main production is still for school and economical low-end pens, sold by tobacconists, stationers and even vending machines. The company is still doing business as Mondial LUS Spa.

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