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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1948. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Hans Roggenbuck re-founded Haro in Regensburg
  • LUS starts ballpens production
  • Pilot creates the Nagoya ink factory and the Hiratsuka pens factory
  • Pilot entered the market of stationery products
  • Platinum introduces ballpoint with water based ink, forerunner of the roller pens
  • Sailor began producing a line of celluloid pens
  • Stylomine introduces the Stylomine 707 ballpoint
  • Swan becomes a public limited company[1]



  • Patent FR-57926E, applied in 1948, by Henri Borrus, Unbranded. Perfectionnements aux stylographes.
  • Patent FR-961601, applied in 1948, Stylomine. Procédé et dispositif pour la fixaxtion correcte des plumes des stylographes.
  • Patent FR-960832, applied in 1948, by Serge-Ernest Detanne, Unbranded. Perfectionnements aux stylographes à billes.
  • Patent US-D155532, applied in 1948, by Louis Morrison, Morrison. Design for a fountain pen or similar article.
  • Patent FR-66402E, applied in 1948, by Eric Ernest Samuel Wade, Charlesworth Livsey, Lang - Curzon - Summit. Perfectionnement aux agrafes de poche pour stylographes, crayons et analogues.
  • Patent FR-1009954, applied in 1948, Uhu. Conduit de porte-plume réservoir.
  • Patent FR-973950, applied in 1948, by Emile Henry Jules Thinard, Edacoto. Stylographe perfectionné.
  • Patent GB-656673, applied in 1948, by Edward Stephen Sears, Swan. Improvements in Nib Sections for Fountain Pens.
  • Patent DE-807778, applied in 1948, by Christoph Kunkel, Uhu. Fuellfederhalter.
  • Patent DE-811086, applied in 1948, Uhu. Tintenleiter fuer Fuellfederhalter.
  • Patent DE-819511, applied in 1948, by Gregor Miltner, Faber-Castell. Fuellfederhalter mit einem mindestens in einem Teil seiner Laenge durchsichtigen, mit Musterungen versehenen Tintenbehaelter.
  • Patent DE-820097, applied in 1948, by Gregor Miltner, Faber-Castell. Taschenklammer fuer Schreibgeraete, wie Fuellhalter, Fuellbleistifte u. dgl..
  • Patent DE-814119, applied in 1948, by Christoph Kunkel, Uhu. Tintenleiterdichtung fuer Fuellfederhalter.
  • Patent DE-827908, applied in 1948, by Josef C. Lamy, Lamy. Fuellhalter mit Saugkolben.
  • Patent DE-856569, applied in 1948, by Henry C. Klagges, Harold E. Steinberg, Esterbrook. Tintenbehaelter.



  1. as reported in this page.