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German company, the parent company was born in 1908 from the activities of Friedrich Merz, a pharmacist, and is still active in this field as Merz Pharma. The fountain pens production instead began in 1920, when the two brothers Friedrich and Georg Merz associated themselves to the turner Justus Krell to found Merz & Krell in Bieberau, active immediately with a dozen workers. The Melbi brand was initially adopted (as an abbreviation of Merz & Krell, Bieberau). Later were adopted also the brands Senator and Diplomat. Initial production was fountain pens, holders and celluloid mechanical pencils.

In 1929 the company moved the headquarters at Bahnhofstrasse, in a new building that would accommodate the increased work force of about 150 people. In 1936 it was one of the first German companies to experiment with the use of plastic resin injection purchasing a special machine to produce parts with this technique. In the '60s it began the ballpoint pens production. Active in the production of economic fountain pens, ballpoint pens, in the 80s was one of the main producers of advertising pens, still on the market with the brand Senator which remains one of the leading manufacturers of advertising pens.

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