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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1939. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Colorado is founded by Orlando Quadretti in Bologna
  • Conklin production is transferred to Chicago
  • Lamy acquire Artus Fullaltergesellschaft Kaufmann und Co (guess date)
  • Montegrappa introduces the cap engraving of the MG initials within a circle (guess date, stands for the end of '30s)
  • Pagliero registers the mark LPF in a diamond (Reg. Gen. N. 58632)
  • Günther Wagner - Pelikan replace on all models gold and palladium nibs with chromiun-nichel nibs (marked "CN") for war restrictions
  • Perop is founded by Vladimír Kaiser, Emil Kroutl, Adolf Krygar, František Zeman in Prague
  • Roccati is founded by Luigi Benedetto, Dino Gilardi in Settimo Torinese
  • Stiassi e Tantini become S.I.S.A. (Società Italiana Stilografiche e Affini) and starts usinig Tabo trademark
  • Zemax is officially registered as Zeme Massimo e C. Soc. Anonima



  • Patent GB-523717, applied in 1939, by Arthur Stanley Jones, Conway Stewart. Improvements in or relating to Fountain Pens.
  • Patent GB-524710, applied in 1939, by William F. Johnson, Mentmore. Improvements in fountain pens.
  • Patent GB-527422, applied in 1939, by Leslie William Johnson, Edward Stephen Sears, Swan. Improvements in or relating to self-filling fountain pens.
  • Patent US-D115544, applied in 1939, by Frank C. Deli, Erik Petau, Autopoint. Design for a pen and pencil clip.
  • Patent US-2225864, applied in 1939, by Benjamin W. Hanle, Eagle. Fountain pen.
  • Patent DE-714769, applied in 1939, by Wilhelm Schäfer, Osmia. Druckfuellbleistift mit einer Minenfoerderklemmzange.
  • Patent CH-250922, applied in 1939, by Orlando Quadretti, Colorado. Penna stilografica doppia.
  • Patent FR-923799, applied in 1939, by Orlando Quadretti, Colorado. Stylographe double.
  • Patent US-D119932, applied in 1939, by Alexis V. Lapteff, Esterbrook. Design for a pencil clip or similar article.
  • Patent GB-532979, applied in 1939, by Albert J. Good, Mentmore. Improvements in self-filling fountain pens.
  • Patent GB-533420, applied in 1939, by Charles George Todd, Stephens. A device for use in the preparation of ink.
  • Patent US-2263299, applied in 1939, by Benjamin W. Hanle, Eagle. Fountain pen.
  • Patent US-D119006, applied in 1939, by William O. Ponath, Eagle. Design for a mechanical pencil.



  1. given based on the trademark registration date (Reg. Gen. N. 60764).